Forex Trendy Review

Forex Trendy claims to find the best forex pairs and timeframes to trade. We shall see if it delivers or not in this Forex Trendy Review.

Members Area

First thing we do in this Forex Trendy Review it to have a look at what is inside the member’s area. When you log in you can see three tabs – TrendsPatterns, and Settings. Forex Trendy is trend and pattern recognition software so the important ones are obviously Trends and Patterns.

Now let’s check out each tab one by one.


First thing is to set up our preferences regarding Trends and Patterns. We can also opt-in to receive e-mail and SMS alerts.

Trends Settings

As you can see below you can choose between many currency pairs and most traded timeframes. I chose only the ones I trade and also only higher timeframes.

Patterns Settings

The options for forex pattern recognition are mostly the same as for trends. And again I chose the same pairs and timeframes as before. One difference is the Reliability option. You can choose between Lowest, Low, Medium, High, Highest. It’s self-explanatory – select how reliable you want the signals to be. Obviously the higher the setting the fewer signals you will get.

Email Alerts

Forex Trendy can send you alerts if you choose to. I opted not to use this feature at the time.

Okay, perfect. Now we have set up timeframes and currency pairs we are interested in.


When we select Trends tab we are presented with the best 10 most trending currency pairs from timeframes we specified in settings. Left upper conrer shows us the direction of trend – green up arrow when there is uptrend and red down arrow when there is downtrend. This is very helpful for new traders. Here you can see that Gold is in a strong uptrend. It means that now we know that it would be very risky to sell Gold. If you are using trend following strategy then you could start to look for entering buy orders.

Let me show you one way how I use Forex Trendy. When I use my Winning Forex Strategy and want to know if, let’s say GBP/USD, is trending. Then I would go to settings and select only that pair.

Settings – GBP/USD selected

Then check out Trends tab.

Nice! Monthly, weekly, and 4-hour timeframes all show us that there is a strong downtrend. So we can start to look for trade setups to sell. This is so easy to use and yet very powerful tool.


Forex Trendy also has a pattern recognition tool. It provides me with additional strong trading setups next to my main system. You just have to know how to trade certain forex patterns. Little tip – just google it! I will walk you through how I use it.

When we click Patterns tab we are welcomed by a bunch of different charts with different patterns. I have the first three in the picture below.

Forex Trendy Patterns

Let’s check out the first one – EURJPY H4 Flag pattern. After a little google search of “forex flag pattern” I know that we are dealing with Bear Flag Pattern. It means that we should look for selling oppurtunities.

Forex Bear Flag Pattern

Very easy! Forex Trendy provides us the patterns and we just google how to trade them. Soon you will recognise them all by heart.

Smartphone Support

I do most of my trading from the smartphone, so smartphone support is very important for me. Thankfully Forex Trendy is web-based and so I can have access to my account from any device that is connected to the internet.
I can log in to my account like in the picture below.

When I spot something tradeable I also further analyze charts with TradingView.

Perfect. I love how I can trade from anywhere.


As you can see from this Forex Trendy Review this is not an indicator that tells you when to sell and when to buy. It will not make you millions overnight. You have to know how to use it. Lucky for us it is very simple to use. I have used it for over a year and can easily recommend it. It is especially useful for beginner traders. I use it to spot trends and strong patterns. You can check it out here.

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