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We are a team of forex traders who want to teach new traders to learn from professionals.
We have over 20 years of experience trading forex profitably.

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Here you will find some of our winning systems and other valuable resources. So you can become a real forex winner!

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We know what it takes to become a consistently profitable trader.
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#1. Price action trading

No messy charts and unnecessary indicators.

#2. Watch how professionals manage trades

All our strategies have minimum 1.5:1 Risk to Reward ratio

#3. Free Signals for Daily charts

Signals for higher timeframes so you have time to enter trades like us.

Our Team

Professional forex trader and crypto enthusiast. Was a losing trader for 2 years, but after learning price action methods have been a consistent winner for 9 years. Also our web admin.

Stephen J.

Prefers scalping and lower timeframes. Specialist in trade management and trading psychology. Real forex mindset hero!

July L.

Profitable swing trader for 20 years. Worked for two hedge funds, but nowadays prefers to be independent.

George K.

Passionate about trading pure price action. Loves to teach new forex traders.

Lars K.

Learn From the Pros

Real Forex Winner is all about guiding new traders to the right path.
There is no quick way to riches, but consistency is the key.
Learn from our mistakes.